What is Texture in Interior Designing

Texture is a visual element that gives space depth and interest. Texture can add warmth to a space, or coolness. There are different types of texture like grainy or smooth, coarse or fine. Texture makes an interior feel lively and engaging as well as sophisticated and relaxing.

Texture refers to the surface quality of a material that can be felt by touch. In interior design, texture refers to the way that materials and finishes used in a space feel to the touch and look to the eye. The use of texture can add visual interest to a space, as well as create a certain mood. For example, rough, natural textures can create a rustic or earthy feel, while smooth, polished textures can evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication. It is important for designers to consider the use of texture in their designs, as it can have a significant impact on  interior.


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