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Complementary color schemes:

Complementary color schemes are a great way to create visually appealing designs.

Complementary colors are two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple.

Using the right colors in your design can have a huge impact on how your work is perceived.  They use two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, creating a vibrant, balanced look. This type of color scheme can be used in web design, graphic design, and even interior design.

By understanding how to use complementary colors, designers can create eye-catching visuals that will stand out from the crowd and make an impression on viewers.


  • Using contrasting colors, shapes, and textures to add visual interest and depth to a design.
  • By combining colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel you can create eye catching look.
  • Using symmetry and asymmetry to create visual balance and movement within a design.
  • Incorporating natural materials and elements to create a sense of connection to nature and the environment.
  • Utilizing negative space to create a sense of openness and simplicity in a design.
  • Combining function and aesthetics to create a practical and visually pleasing design.
  • Incorporating cultural and historical elements to add meaning and significance to a design.
  • Creating a sense of flow and movement within a design to guide the viewer’s eye.
  • Experimenting with different design elements and combinations to find the perfect balance and harmony.


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