3DS Max Course for Interior Designers


3D modeling is a great tool to create some cool 3D designs. In this course, you’ll learn how to use 3ds Max and other programs as well. You’ll start with the basics of modeling objects, then move on to more advanced techniques.  It is a 3D modeling program used to create models for architecture, film, video games and animation. With 3ds Max you can create models of anything you can think of: buildings, furniture,  interiors, clothing,  etc.

The program allows you to create your own models in 3D space with textured surfaces and lighting. You can animate objects that you’ve created or imported from other programs such as Maya or Blender. 3DS Max also has the ability to import images into its workspace, which makes it ideal for creating interior design projects where you may want to incorporate photographs into your designs.

Basic 3D Modeling Techniques

You’ve probably heard that 3D modeling is a great way to get your ideas onto paper, but what do you need to know before diving in?

3D modeling is the process of creating digital objects in three dimensions. It’s used by architects, designers and engineers alike as they design products such as cars, buildings and furniture.

These days most people use a program called Max  or SketchUp Pro when creating their 3D models. These programs allow you to create an object from scratch without having any prior knowledge about how it works they’re simply tools that help you build whatever it is that interests you!

Advanced 3D Modeling Techniques

In this section, you will learn how to use the spline tool and edit poly command. You will also be introduced to the loft tool.

The spline tool enables you to create curved paths in your 3D model by drawing circular arcs on the surface of your model. This is an excellent method for creating curved staircases or banisters that fit in with your design scheme but are not rigidly straight lines like a regular line would be.

Dynamic objects and particles

Particles are used to create materials such as smoke, fire, fog and explosions. They can also be used to create animated effects.

Particles may be used to simulate real-world phenomena such as the water droplets on a window or dust in the air by simulating wind blowing them around. Particles with varying sizes are often useful for creating special effects in your scene such as snowflakes falling from above or fireworks exploding.

 Creating your own interior design.

3DS Max is a very powerful tool for interior designers and architects. With it, you can create your own 3D models of any building or room. You can also use it to animate them in order to make them appear more realistic.




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